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Chef Dale Carty

Bio written by Susan Croft

Caribbean Chef Dale Carty did not have a clue when he was a youth that he would become a celebrity chef of Anguilla when he grew up & own his own popular"Tasty's Restaurant".

Dale was born & raised on the Caribbean island of Anguilla.  After tiring of being a rambunctious young boy he decided to apply for a job as a dishwasher and bus boy at the aspiring Malliouhana Hotel in Anguilla.

This was a choice that changed his life and from then on there was no where to go except up!

He moved through the kitchen positions very fast and was soon under the wings of Master French Chefs Jo & Michel Rostang. After realizing Dale was taking serious interest in his work they sent him to France to further his culinary studies & when he returned Dale was on his path to success.

When Dale began at Malliouhana Hotel he never dreamed he would eventually be a celebrity Caribbean chef in demand nor would he have thought he would be written up in such culinary magazines as Bon Appetit & Gourmet and any of the Caribbean and travel publications that feature Anguilla always speak of Chef Dale Carty of Tasty's Restaurant.

Tasty's began as a small cafe in March 1999 that only served breakfast and lunch.  Chef Carty's reputation grew and so did his cafe. It soon became a "restaurant" which also began serving dinners which were the talk of the island.

Dale had local artist Susan Croft design the interior with vibrant Caribbean colours & handpainted tropical murals. She also created the West Indian style that you see throughout his restaurant along with the Caribbean galvanized red roofed bar.

Chef Carty's famous Marinated Conch Salad is a favourite among locals & tourist alike (and also not to mention Hollywood stars and world reknown chefs) along with his Coconut Crusted Fish and other mouth watering dishes available on his diverse menu.

Dale prides himself on his secret sauces & seasonings that enhance his delicious dishes.

Chef Dale Carty is also proud to say that he was among a select group of Anguillian chefs who received the 2005 Caribbean Hotel Association, Taste of the Caribbean Award for the "Most Innovative Caribbean Menu" held in Miami, Florida.

Also in 2002 Chef Dale Carty was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year from Anguilla's Chamber of Commerce.

Chef Carty does not stop there. He is still aspiring to further himself and expand his horizons beyond the beaches of Anguilla...

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